Our Mission Statement

We here at Software Consultant's Inc don't want to build you a one size fits all solution; we only want to tailor a solution to your software and business needs!

Consulting Services

Do you need some advice for you system? Are you lost on what you need to do or are confused? We can look into your system and try to see what solutions you need.

Flexible Approach

Whether you need software all in one, have a list of problems that have varying levels of need, or want the problem to be visually patched and then deeply fixed.

Existing Projects

Do you need the solution quickly? We have several existing projects that can be used in production and then further Update it as needed

Quick Support

Do you need a solution as quick as possible? We can build a small project for you in a short time and then add features to it as required.

Legacy Support

Have older, legacy, or deprecated software? We can investigate and then help fix the problem you have and help restore your system to a functional state.

Upgrade Aid

Are you seeking to update your software or website to a modern version? We can consult on what other options you have and help you on that upgrade.

Demo Site

Do you want to see your site before it’s up officially? Do you have prospectors that would like to see your site before they approve it? We can use our sites to demo your site.

Web Solutions

We can build your websites for you, weather you want it in raw HTML/CSS/JavaScript or you use a content management system such as WordPress. We can make a website to fit your needs

Proof of Concept

Perhaps you don't need a full project but rather a quick proof of concept, we can quickly demo that a solution is possible in a problem than you may have found impossible.

Deep Analysis

Do you have a persistent bug left by previous developers; we can do a deep analysis of code and attempt to solve the bug in the software ourselves. we can patch from source code or create code alternatives.

New Perspective

Are you currently panicking about your software? Don't worry, we can come in and try our best to solve your Software or website based problems. Sometimes all you need is another pair of eyes.


We are not just old hat developers; we can also work with newer software and create cutting edge solutions. We are also willing to do research on newer Software for you.

Here are some of the Software Skills we bring to the table


We can use the Programming language Java to solve many of problems. Our Java can work on multiple Environments.


We aren't limited to large or clunky systems; we can also work on solutions for a mobile based environment and also web based apps


We can build a C++ application to handle time sensitive problems. We can also integrate C++ with Java Applications to work in multiple environments without problem.

C# / Asp.net

We can create an application in Asp.net that is built software First, database second. We will use modern techniques and use modern content management systems with data.


We are perfectly situated with working with a content management system. Plugins and Widgets only speed up production for us, not slow us down.


We have experience writing with PHP directly, whether it's accessing a database or displaying a page. PHP, old or new, we can work with it.


We Understand Structure! We can make HTML so it can be seen as a readable structure to most developers.


We can use Custom CSS and Pre-Existing to make a site look fancy on all modern browsers.


We can use JavaScript to perform essential processes, or to make a site have unique features to look better.


We understand general SQL logic; we can program in MySQL, OracleSQL, and use Libraries like SQLite.

Microsoft Access

We can Understand Legacy System and are fully willing to help with a problem you have inside that problem.

Software Graphs

We can create a Chart for you with what software you require inside applications such as Draw.IO or even white board it for you.